Snapped Ankles

Snapped Ankles

Saturday, March 5, 2022
8:00 pm
8:00 pm
The Garrison
1197 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M6J 1X3
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Snapped Anklesreturn to the forest, but it’s not as they left it. Trees planted in neat rows. A well-orderedmonoculture with access roads and heavy machinery. The smell of greenwashed money in the air. There’s nosign of the ancient woodland they emerged from on debut album,Come Play The Trees. And it’s far cry fromthe gentrified East London they found themselves hawking onStunning Luxury. All is not well in the face ofprogress. Welcome to theForest Of Your Problems.Forest Of Your Problemsruns the gamut of modern woodwose emotions. In this neat human approximation ofthe forest, it’s an increasingly knotted affair. Despite all of this, Snapped Ankles haven’t lost their innate abilityto make you want to move your feet - their Teutonic forest rhythms are still shot through with post-punklightning.Snapped Ankles outsider status has always allowed them to hold a mirror up to society. Now the boundaries arenot so clear. In the four years sinceCome Play The Treeswas released, their cult hasflourished. Previous albumStunning Luxurysaw the band invited to play theBBC 6 Music Festivaland aKEXPsession on the back of asold-out UK tour which culminated with two nights atVillage Undergroundin London. As those who havewitnessed the shamanic ritual of their live shows will attest, they are a truly unique, communal experience.Forest Of Your Problemswill see the woodwose bring their ancient forest rhythms and high-wire, multi-medialive act to ever bigger stages - including Camden’s iconicRoundhousein October.Forest Of Your Problemsis released 2 July 2021

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