All Together Now: A Dan Mangan Film

All Together Now: A Dan Mangan Film

Saturday, October 30, 2021
3:00 pm
3:00 pm
All Ages
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All Together Now: A Dan Mangan Film

As memories, our favorite concerts are not recollected as linear events, but as fragmented pieces of a collective experience. In hopes of touching the warmth of these moments, we keep them nearby like cherished novels in the bookshelves of our minds. All Together Now is the concert doc reimagined. Akin to our mind’s eye, the film approaches documentation with an abandon for linear history. We don’t witness an evening from the past so much as feel its gravity. Beautiful and abstracted concert footage from Dan Mangan’s 2019 homecoming show at Vancouver’s historic Vogue Theatre is artfully woven within the narrative, philosophy and context of what it means to be in concert with people.

Produced by Amazing Factory, All Together Now was captured unconventionally from within the crowd. Often, we see the show from eye level, interspersed with voicemails from audience members who reflect upon their experiences. Songs seemingly don’t truly begin or end, but wander in and out of reflective vignettes about the importance of human connection - as well as our lack of it, from within the lens of a pandemic.


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