The 41st Annual Martian Awareness Ball

The Horseshoe Tavern Presents

The 41st Annual Martian Awareness Ball

Marcus & Mary O'Hara & Special Guests

Sat, March 16, 2019

Doors: 9:00 pm

-The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, ON


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This event is 19 and over

Advance tickets also available at The Horseshoe front bar

The 41st Annual Martian Awareness Ball
The 41st Annual Martian Awareness Ball
Marcus 'Mr Squeeze Himself' O'Hara and Sister Mary Margaret cordially invite you to the 40th Annual Martian Awareness Ball.
In 1978 Marcus O'Hara and Richard O'Brien were hosting parties as The Green Brothers.
After a night of hard partying Marcus woke up half-naked and
painted green.
"I told Richard that I had this Martian party idea for St. Patrick's Day
and he said "ah yes, little green men, sounds great" so we
put it on at this warehouse at Queen and River and we made
$500 apiece!"

That was 40 years ago at The Dream Factory right across the street
from the 505 boozecan where Marcus and Dan Aykroyd and
John Daveikis lived and entertained (also known as Second City Afterhours)

Martian Awareness was also inspired by the 1960's tv sitcom
'My Favorite Martian' where actor Ray Walston played a
Martian called Martin O'Hara.
He could make himself invisible and could sprout antenna
when he needed to.
In some lore the name O'Hara means Martian and
since Marcus is an Aries which is ruled by Mars..well, have at it.

The party has been held at many clubs over the years but
none more dearly than The Horseshoe Tavern.
Mary Margaret hosts and invites performers to have fun with the theme
and more...

potatoes Tom Wilson sang Stompin' Tom's 'Bud the Spud'
drinking songs Selena Martin sang The Kinks 'Alcohol'
Mary Margaret sings Korpiklaani's 'Beer Beer'

greens Al Green songs
Robin Duke sings 'Green Door' the 1940's speakeasy song
and local wonderboy Taylor Abrahamse sings
George Baker Selection's 'Little Green Bag'

and any song about space or Mars or by Bruno Mars is welcome.
John Alcorn, who says the party is 'Hollywood Irish'
because they do songs like 'Who Put The Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder' sings 'How are Things in Glocca Morra',
talk about Hollywood.

Rainbow songs, 'Dirty Old town', 'Toora Loora Loora
'It's Easy Being Green', ' The Devil's Dance Floor'
anything goes.

There have been many wondrous souls on stage and off,
and the wild and beautiful Jaymz Bee is always sure to bring
a special guest,
like the supreme Don Franks and a 17 year old Michael Buble,
bringing him up to the stage
Jaymz says 'Mary, you gotta get this kid on stage, he's gonna be a big star, but Mary Margaret didn't entirely turn the stage over to him,
and Mr. Buble looked befuddled as Mary Margaret sang
spontaneous backup for him,
and if you don't want Ms. O'Hara as your backup just tell her,
because she invites anyone any time to join in.
In fact if you see her in the street the next couple of weeks she'll
probably invite you to sing, much to the consternation of
Rusty McCarthy, he's 'The leader of the band'.
This year brings the O'Hara Sisters together
and hopefully The Sadies will play the Snake with Mary the Margaret,
'cause St.Patrick supposedly drove the snakes out of Ourland.
So come on down and
'drink to your health and make an arse of
yourself' at The Martian O'Wareness Ball.

Special dispensation if you wear green, planet Mars red,
antennae, a potato head or M.A.B. memorabilia.
There will be balloons and always the best stage set
designed by Mars Martian, aka Marcus O'Hara
Venue Information:
-The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2