Fast Romantics

The Horseshoe Tavern & Indie88 Present

Fast Romantics

We Are Monroe, For Esmé

Fri, November 23, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm

The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, ON


This event is 19 and over

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Fast Romantics
Fast Romantics
Fast Romantics have been blurring the lines between modern indie-rock and classic pop for some time, carving their own unique path to radio success. But with their latest release American Love, the world is paying much more attention to this fast growing Toronto-based band. Led by singer-songwriter Matthew Angus, Fast Romantics have begun to earn a loyal following with their irresistable pop hooks, anthemic live shows, and Angus’ emotive and personal approach to lyricism, often infused with the political and social chaos of the times.

But Angus insists that American Love, produced by the dynamic duo of Gus Van Go and Werner F (Wintersleep, Arkells, Whitehorse) is by no means a political protest record. Rather, it’s a series of re ections on falling in love while hyper-aware of the upheaval occupying the world around him -- especially in America. It’s a duality that is perhaps elevated by geography itself, as the songs were recorded over two years alternating between Brooklyn and Toronto. Work on the album began around the same time the US election campaigns launched, and the record was nally nished almost two years later, on election day.

American Love serves as a follow-up to Fast Romantics’ 2013 LP, Afterlife Blues, bringing together the most lyrical songs Angus has composed to date and at serves as the rst record by what Angus describes as a “brand-new band.” The group — originally founded in 2008 in Calgary between sole-survivors Angus and bassist Je rey Lewis -- cleaned house in 2015, and added Toronto-based singer-songwriter Kirty, Kevin Black, Nick McKinlay, and Lisa Lorenz around the time they were set to record their breakthrough single Julia in 2015. “Julia” ended up climbing the charts, nding itself charting on commercial/AAA radio on both sides of the border, and eventually won the SOCAN national songwriting prize in 2016.

“It was two years building up a brand-new band, a new sound, a new show, getting to know each other,” Angus says. “We’ve really become the tightest of friends.” And the result? A band quickly winning accolades from all corners of music. The rst single from American Love — the anthemic “Why We Fight”— broke the top 20 on the Canadian alternative rock charts (Mediabase) and hit #1 on the CBC R2 National Charts, and the band was recently short-listed for the prestigious Anchor Award at the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany.

With four songs from the album charting on Canadian alt-rock radio, and with all four singles reaching the top 5 on the CBC R2 National Charts, the band looks towards it’s next album. A long-lead single, “Mexico” is set to be released in fall of 2018, with the album planned for release in 2019.
We Are Monroe
For Esmé
Contrasting between light and dark, nouveau and nostalgia, deftly crafted poetry and hook-driven pop, For Esmé is a celebration of life's double edges. Fronted by Martha Meredith, Dave Thiel, and Nathan Crook, For Esmé seeks to explore the underlying issues affecting an image-conscious generation, embracing beauty while provoking an honest exchange of identity and inner voice. A rare mix of confession and confection, the songs of For Esmé speak a language that is more than just a melody. Theirs is music for this moment, rising up in determination from the downward spiral of the times.
Venue Information:
The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2