The Horseshoe Tavern Presents


Crash Ton Rock, The Filthy Radicals

Thu, November 22, 2018

Doors: 8:30 pm

The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, ON


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This event is 19 and over

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Formed in 2006 over pints of cheap beer at East Vancouver's notoriously violent Ivanhoe Hotel, the Dreadnoughts cut their teeth in the roughest dive bars in the city. They started by opening for (and earning the praise of) celtic-punk grandfathers The Real McKenzies, and since then have never looked back. Hauling a fiddle, an accordion, a mandolin, a tin whistle, guitars and drums into every venue that would have them, they quickly became known for their powerful, chaotic live performances. In four short years they have slowly but surely joined the ranks of Canada's punk rock elite, bringing their insanely energetic and dangerous live show to the four corners of the globe.

The Dreadnoughts aren't just a band, they're an advocacy group, ruthlessly promoting the idea that folk and punk music form a perfect union. They've been literally destroying stages and swilling ciders the world over, spreading their gospel to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Musically, the Dreadnoughts travel where many fear to tread, embracing a huge range of European folk traditions. For proof, look no further than their upcoming release, "Polka's Not Dead". This recording is strewn with polkas, gypsy dances and sea shanties, each infused with the raw energy of street punk. The Dreadnoughts take folk tradition seriously, and they take punk music seriously, and "Polka's Not Dead" is their definitive statement.

"So what we end up with a vibrant, socially conscious album that easily helps justify The Dreadnoughts' quick rise to fame…. Put simply, anyone who fancy's themselves a Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly or general celtic punk enthusiast needs this album" - PunkReviews.

"The Dreadnoughts are tight. Everything sounds great, from the violin, to the mandolin and the tin whistle" - The Punk Site.

"They're definitely harder than The Mahones ever were, and their closest contemporaries would probably be Flogging Molly and The Tossers" - Chart
Crash Ton Rock
The Filthy Radicals
Venue Information:
The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2