The Divided Line, Tenth Planet (CD release), Fallen Heirs, Abandoned Souls

Horseshoe Tavern presents

The Divided Line

Tenth Planet (CD release)

Fallen Heirs

Abandoned Souls

Fri, September 22, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm

-The Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, ON


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This event is 19 and over

Fallen Heirs
In a world full of evil, only one extraordinary group of men, fight for the cause……and Rock your asses OFF!

The year is 1979, a group of scientists work on a machine that is designed to seek out and find the most talented and able young musicians to build a super rock band. Well, that machine blew up and killed all those scientists. You can't build a machine that makes rock and roll bands, unless you are a record company with lots of money.

Present day: 2012. Our local Toronto based heroes, FALLEN HEIRS: Lead singer - Tim Shaw, Lead Guitarist - Jay Sayne, Rhythm Guitarist - Eddie Silver, Bassist - Phily Dee and Drummer - Geezer Daniels, work relentlessly to bring to the world the highest quality of rock n roll seen in decades.

FALLEN HEIRS fuse their brand of riff based hard hitting rock with catchy, lyrics and melodies that combine it into one commanding and energetic spectacle of a live performance that leaves you breathless and wanting more. This five piece hard rock band, take their music to a level of perfection that can't be matched.

All the music written by FALLEN HEIRS showcases the energy and emotion of these five individuals, with passion and truth for the sole purpose of bringing their brand of rock to the hearts and minds of mankind.

They solidified their line up with talented and passionate musicians who share a hunger to succeed and strive to breathe fresh new rock into the masses.

FALLEN HEIRS are the defenders of rock and roll. They will stop at nothing to fulfill their destiny and bring back to music the one thing that has been lost for so long...the human spirit.
Venue Information:
-The Horseshoe Tavern
370 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 2A2