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Chapel, Happy, Violet Night

Hard Luck BarTorontoON
All Ages
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He found it in therapy, in God, in creating healthy boundaries and learning to love himself–things he admits now seem like easy solutions but nevertheless took a while to actually reach. This slow climb to self-fulfillment is front and center on first single “better.”, with a music video prominently featuring American Sign Language and members of the LGBTQ+ community as part of McKee’s continued quest to elevate historically underrepresented groups. “That song is me saying, ‘OK, I’ve cut out the people from my life who are disrespectful. I’m doing things that are progressing my relationships. Why am I not happy?’” he asks.“I thought I was doing this to be happy. Why aren’t these things giving me joy?”The answer arrives on the album’s closing track, the ’80s-drenched “melancholyism.”–an ode to McKee’s now-wife that proves his journey to find joy was ultimately worth the struggle. “I tend to be more of an introvert, and I’vealways wanted someone I could bealone with,” he says. “Now I’ve got my wife and my plants. Somany plants.”Just as importantly, he learned he wasn’t actually looking for happiness at all throughout everything he went through. Because, at its core, happiness isn’t a state of being–rather a temporary emotion that’s all too fleeting. Instead, McKee has found something way better: a new perspective that’s served as his steadying force through this next chapter of his life.“I used to think I wanted to pursue happiness, but I realized that was kind of selfish,” he says. “Contentmentis what changed my life. In the end, I’ve found joy being content with the things I have.” XX

Venue Information:
Hard Luck Bar
772 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON, M6J 1V1